Theatre Production of a Teenage Life.

complaintYoung adults… or teenagers, are naturals. Naturals in the performing arts (some people really ought to win an Oscar or two). There is no play that can outdramatize, the drama in a teenager’s life. The main characters (teenagers themselves) are always constantly dying (note: they never die, they’re always dyING). The main character is also persistently victimized by the rest of the world. Not only does nothing go their way, but they have to deal with teachers and parents being on their backs 24/7. According to the long list of complaints that have become a daily routine, they are the most unloved children in the world. The heavens have turned their backs upon them, leaving a pile of homework that needs to be finished by the following day. “FML” is now the most commonly used word on the web (according to me). FML for this, FML for that, FML for everything. The meaning of this word has become so obscured that even when it is not the appropriate situation, the word that comes out of their mouths is ultimately… FML. Personally, I don’t find that word very appealing. All it tells me is; you’re just like everyone else, complaining about your life and making yourself out to be the damsel in distress. Which does not necessarily incite feelings of sympathy within me.

Some may say that I’m callous, but seriously, if you were in my situation, you wouldn’t be able to help but feel apathetic. I’m not saying we should all live without complaints, since I’m sure everyone has their problems. But the issue is that conversation with people never go beyond such grievances or quibbles. Life stays shallow and these teenagers just fail to see beyond their lives that circle around themselves. All people can ever see are themselves. They never once stop to think about how trivial their problems may actually be. Not only that, but most of the time everyone is going through the same situation, and yet for some weird unknown reason, their problems seem so much more magnified compared to the others’ around them.

Whats worse is that, often times I see teenagers that can’t stand NOT having some sort of worry on hand. They find their lives mediocre and boring, which causes them to believe that they must formulate this sort of delusion that they are actually going through a very painful and sensitive period in their lives. …I don’t understand teenage psychology at all, and I’m a teenager.

*This blog was inspired by one of my friends*

Standardized Tests, Standardized Living.


Standardized testing such as the SSAT, PSAT, and SAT, exist in the world of us high schoolers. In fact, they take up a great big whopping portion of our lives. We purchase prep books, hire tutors, spend money, all to take this test. This test tells us whether we are adequate for certain colleges, where on the IQ scale we fall, and where we’re headed in life. Who decided to let these tests shape the way we feel about ourselves anyway? Colleges judge us according to these standardized tests, and lay down their decision to accept or deny our applications. Wow, thats a lot of weight to put on a single exam. But of course, they are necessary. We all understand that colleges can’t get to know every individual personally. And even if they did, it would suck for the unsociable ones. But recently we see colleges doubt the need for SAT scores; is there another plausible method to critique students? Let’s hope so.

Basic information on the PSAT & SAT.


There are 2400 points possible on the SAT; that of which is divided into three categories of reading, writing, and math. Each category is out of 800, and if you do the math, you’ll see it adds up to 2400.
For each correct answer, you receive one point. For any omitted answer, you will not receive a point nor lose a point. Any wrong answer causes a deduction of 1/4 point. So, as many prep books say, only omit if you cannot eliminate a single answer from the choices given.

The PSAT is supposably a simpler version of the SAT; as the name indicates. It is out of 240 points (and people good at math would have already seen that it is the SAT score divided by ten). Also, split into three categories, and graded the same way.

The reason I put that little excerpt in is because although we feel this is basic info, I’ve seen people ask. Also, the SAT scores fluctuate according to the test, and results. If they judge the test to have been easier than others, they will decide to drop the curve.

I’m taking the SAT in january… on the same week of my final exams. Greaaat. But you know, I can take SAT I, the thing I can’t stand is that we must take subject SATs, otherwise known as SAT II. It just keeps getting better, this generation of ours. I guess I ranted on SATs because I’ll be spending my winter break studying for it, its just my way to indirectly hate collegeboard, that makes money off of making students miserable. Hey, but someone has to do it, right?

By the way, have you noticed how happy people on SAT prep book covers look? Lies I tell you, all lies.

Processing Mind; Loading…

I haven’t blogged in a long time because junior year has been keeping me occupied. Losing sleep more than ever, and now I’m skipping meals. Eating once a day definitely won’t show well on health charts.

So I had about 4 blogs I was midway into finishing. However, now that I take them out, they’re way out of date. There really is no use of me talking about things that are in the past, so I guess those posts will never see the light of day.

This is a very informal blog, very unlike my usual styles, where I tend to strive for perfection. This is just my thoughts for the remainder of the 13 minutes I have left of school.

Today while I was tweeting, I realized that President Obama talks an awful lot about his health reform. Health reform this, health reform that. Always showing videos of his accomplishments with the health reform. Listing people that support his health reform, you name it. But frankly, I couldn’t care less. I want to hear more about the war in Afghanistan. News just in, President Obama has decided to send more troops to Afghanistan, adding onto the already hundred thousand soldiers dispatched in that region. I think this war thats been going on for the past eight years now, is of great importance. So maybe he’d like to mention it more in his tweets and make the situation a bit more clear for us citizens.

Putting that aside, I wish U2 would have a twitter account, because I would most definitely hang onto their every word. They must be too busy touring the world in all their fame. But seriously, U2 is definitely my favorite band of all time. I don’t even like bands, just U2.

This turned out to be a rather long rant, but I needed something to organize my thoughts. Tweets just aren’t long enough to get all my thoughts out there. Yet its handy when I’m out of time. Especially with all this work now, I really need to just let thoughts go, or my head will end up looking like my room haha.

Shame On Us

This is old news and its still news so I thought I’d mention it. The Korean Parliament has yet again become the topic of gossip and entertainment. Several articles covering their stories, and videos posted on youtube receiving the highest viewing rates. I am utterly speechless. The parliament has become the symbol of embarrassment to this country and its people. Their actions are shameless and appalling. Although I choose not to associate myself with Korean affairs, and prefer to identify myself as American, the circumstances are unavoidable. Because I am still ethnically Korean, I realize that people are going to make the connection whether I like it or not. In one way or another, this parliament, this government, stands to represent me. And I am ashamed to see how they choose to do so.

Every single time without fault, they manage to end up on the news because of a disordered, all out brawl. These people really know how to make things chaotic. Even with the cameras blaring in their faces, they feel no shame. Oh yea, a punch here, a scratch there will definitely solve all our political problems. It makes one wonder whether these people are capable of rational thinking; or perhaps they are too dense to even recognize the humiliation and disgrace. Korea has talked about honor for generations past, and how one must always uphold their family and nation’s name. These past – and most likely future – actions of the Korean parliament has brought dishonor upon the nation they stand to embody.

Am I the only one that feels ashamed when I look at this? Why is it that the Korean population is so accustomed to these free-for-alls, that they are blind to such actions that bring infamy? These are the people that have been time and time again, voted by Korean citizens. If they are so fast to disrepute the presidents of their country, how is it that they are able to pass the actions of parliament? The members of the legislative party should know very clearly how this will go down with the foreign nations. Perhaps its just my misunderstanding, but I thought the parliament was supposed to better our foreign relations, not dismantle it. Why is it so impossible for us to have politics without corruption? Think about it.

Although it would be easy enough for everyone to simply go online and find sources on these outbreaks, I have decided not to post any external images or videos.

Simply Withdraw.

People say that you’re never too young to make a change; that its not too late to do something. I suppose this could be true in some situations but in reality age is a huge blockade that sits between you and your goal. And sometimes you just have to accept that its too late to change. These are only things we would like to have had. They say money isn’t everything in life but its inevitable to feel it is a major portion. In the generation we live in today we are unable to make a difference without money; passion won’t get you very far. Because in order to make a difference you have to be out there doing something. But thats when you realize that you are incapable because you don’t have the resources… or the money. You may have all the passion in the world for something you love but what’s the use if you can’t even save them.

Shark Water Part I.

Sharks are being poached by the hundreds everyday illegally. The government turns its back to these atrocities because they’re in for the filthy money. Sharks are being poached for their fins and left to die in the vast ocean now full of blood. So little people are attempting to prevent these wrongs, rather they support it by consuming shark fin soup. China states its a part of their culture because they believe that the sharks’ health would be transferred into them. Well let me say one thing that is a bunch of BS. Sharks get ill just like our human race, they die from all the pollution in the water WE have thrown in there. This soup is considered a delicacy but this is just the ignorance of people who react to the prices. A little note to all shark fin lovers: THEY DON’T TASTE LIKE ANYTHING.Beauty of SharksSeriously people simply eat it for the texture, the taste is derived from the egg soup. Also one major disclaimer for all those Chinese people who argue its a part of their culture; they have no nutrients either. Yes that’s right they won’t help you prevent cancer, how ignorant must you be? This is ridiculous, the amount of sharks dying out. And what are we doing; nothing. According to the few who actually care, laws have yet to be established on international waters. Therefore they are unable to accuse those that are currently driving sharks into extinction.

Oh believe me the people mentioned above aren’t the only ignorant people here. People who have judged sharks according to appearance is just the same. They fear sharks simply because they look scary; don’t we have a saying “Don’t judge others by their appearance”? Then why, why is it that we feel we have the right to judge animals in the same way? Sharks are the most delicate creatures that have become misunderstood through the media. Who was it that decided to portray sharks as man eating beasts? Well cut the crap because they wouldn’t harm humans. A little data: Sharks kill 5 people each year while elephants or lions kill around 100 each. Now tell me whose brutal? One other statistic, all the humans sharks have killed were not eaten, they all ended up on the shore and merely died of blood loss. Can’t you tell that sharks are the ones that fear us? People should be ashamed at overreacting to the presence of sharks and having portrayed these innocent creatures wrongly. All this media has put these sharks in danger as some people strongly believe all sharks must be eliminated. Get your facts straight people and realize already that we’re more or less the barbaric beings on earth.

For now I will simply just withdraw, sit here and wish for this world to thaw. Right now all I can do is support those with the same passion. A group of people who aren’t afraid to speak up for the sharks. I highly recommend watching this documentary if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about. It’ll clear things up and hopefully get you to change your ways.Beauty of Sharks

To Connect.

A common factor of the human mind, written in history as a not so broad a theme, but definitely contributes to all aspects of developing history. History in a few words is following the human mind and analyzing the reasonings for why certain events have taken place. The human race; we have always been the focus of historical text and have played, or rather continue to play all three parts of cause, procedure, consequence. Why must there always be a clash between societies or even within the same community? The answer is simply because people continue to interact with others.
How is it that internet communities such as facebook or youtube are able to grow at such a rate in where people share and promote their ideas? We see multitudes of people being compelled into these sites to connect with friends around the world and simply express themselves during their usual routines in life. We have underestimated people’s desire to connect with each other.
People throughout time have longed or rather needed to connect with other people whether it be within the same tribe or different racial groups. They have always resulted in contact whether it be through forms of trade, treaties, war. It did not matter how they associated, it was the fact that they did. People have strived, without knowing, to share ideas or philosophies because that is the way in which we have come to express ourselves. Although others may want an explanation to why this is, this falls into the category of things that remain unanswered.
This is the human race and this is us, must we deny who we are? The desire to connect with others although may lead to disputes and eventual destruction that brings devastation, it is never the only route it can potentially take. Much good has come from sharing of the minds and has brought our world to where it is today. We speak, question, discuss to learn and bring us forward; these desires is the rope that pulls us into a world of fourth dimension. We love to feel these sensations that fill our yearnings, and it doesn’t even have to be a secret. Enjoy it and express it!

Knowledge Is Paralyzing

Calvin, in “Calvin and Hobbes” once stated, “The more you know, the harder it is to take decisive action. Once you become informed, you start seeing complexities and shades of gray. You realize that nothing is as clear and simple as it first appears. Ultimately, knowledge is paralyzing.” At first I thought this was another one of his cunning ways to get past studying. Yet as I continued to read I realized that if you break it down, it is actually exceptionally logical.

People often hesitate before making certain decisions because they’re aware of the consequences they may face in the future. If we were untroubled with what is to come, there wouldn’t be any hesitant decisions upon us. People make resolutions constantly throughout the day whether they are small choices or life and death decisions. In these situations we always find ourselves ‘thinking’ before we make the final conclusion of whichever it is we desire. Many people might say this is naturally expected, but actually its not all that obvious. The reason we search for the right decision is to avoid getting in a bad situation as well as wanting all the benefit we can gain from that decision. However, how about if we were to hold zip information, nada and are stuck in a situation where we must decide? For example, in a test we take so often at school, when something you can not solve is in front of you, do you leave the space blank? The answer is no, people take a guess even though its totally random and hope for some weird reason it would be the correct one. However, if you actually studied that night and held the equation (way to solve) to your problem on the page, you will solve it and most likely get the answer accurately.

Have you ever wondered why we learn? Is it just to make our lives more complicated? The teachers always say ‘think beyond the obvious’ but have they ever thought about how that could cause complication? Doesn’t it just add onto the stress we receive so much in our daily lives? I like to think of it this way, if you had a basket of diverse fruit, wouldn’t it be harder to choose which one you desire to consume than from a basket that contains a simple apple? Cause in that case, you have no choice but to pick up and eat that apple or just leave it there to rot. So basically in life you have people constantly filling your fruit basket with even more fruit everyday.

The last part where he says ‘nothing is as simple as it first appears,’ I found very interesting. This is 100% true, I mean take something as simple as a pencil or paper, and then the process of making them. Many materials are necessary and the process is greatly complicated. Much labor is needed and numerous requirements must be met. As we are educated, we start to understand this and look at things from a different view and really start to think back on how this so called simple object could be oh so complicated. Knowledge is paralyzing.